Dr. Shafick Osman​

 Assistant Professor Shafick Osman is a scholar with over 25 years of experience and dozens of publications. He is a specialist of the geopolitics of the Indian Ocean, with additional expertise in Indian and Muslim diasporic communities, the Islamic world, misinformation, disinformation, political and social communication, and a variety of other areas. He holds a Doctorate in Geopolitics from Paris-Sorbonne University (France), a Master’s Research Degree in Geopolitics, History & Civilizations from Marne-la-Vallée University (France), and a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Studies (Information and Communication) from Jean Moulin University (France). 

Shafick Osman is currently a Research Associate at Florida International University (USA), an Academic Adviser at the Arthashastra Leadership Foundation (India), and the owner of two small publishing houses in London (UK) and Mauritius. He is a member of the International Board of the Journal of the Indian Ocean Region(Taylor and Francis, Routledge), the Deputy Editor-in-chief of Outre-Terre, European journal of geopolitics, a member of the Society for Indian Ocean Studies (India) and of the Indian Ocean Research Group Inc. (Australia). 

Since arriving in Canada in 2018, he has taken a course in Indigenous studies. He is profoundly multicultural, having travelled extensively throughout the world, and having ancestors from Mauritius, India, and Singapore. Shafick is also a renowned speaker and writer, appearing in the media in Mauritius, Madagascar, the Comoros, Zanzibar, the Seychelles, Kenya, Somalia, Germany and the US. He is fluent in Kreol morisien, French and English, with knowledge of Seselwa, and some understanding of Kreyòl ayisyen and Arabic.