Megan Julian

Megan Julian, MA

Megan Julian, MA is a Coast Salish daughter and a member of Sto:lo Nation. Growing up in an urban environment Megan experienced the duality of life as an Urban Indigenous, working to maintain connection with her ancestral community while navigating the requirements of survival in a modern world. This duality persisted further as she pursued goals to travel internationally, while always and simultaneously being drawn back to the necessary work of indigenous self-determination and revival.

Guided by a drive to improve the quality of life for the world’s most vulnerable she pursued a Bachelor’s degree in International Development; gaining insight into the ways that macro-level policies and political decisions impact the life of everyday people. In order to gain a more locally based understanding of the policies that impact everyday life Megan completed a Master’s In Urban and Regional Planning.

Megan has worked as a facilitator, researcher, and Urban Planner. Her most recent work has focused on Disaster-Mitigation Planning, Planning Urban areas for Sea-level rise, and Indigenous Water Planning. Megan is passionate about Indigenous self-determination, indigenous land planning, GIS mapping, learning new languages, and aerial acrobatics.